Omnia oven – This is how easy the Omnia camping oven works!

Erfahrung mit dem Omnia-Backofen

Omnia oven – This is how easy the Omnia camping oven works!

18. September 2023
The function and use of the Omnia oven explained simply!
Erfahrung mit dem Omnia-Backofen

Omnia oven - This is how simple the Omnia camping oven works!

When I heard the term “Omnia camping oven” for the first time and it was supposed to be an oven, I really thought: “The campers are crazy!

Well, it looks very strange and is absolutely not comparable with an oven. The sheet metal part looks more like a cake tin with a lid, that’s why I could imagine. not imagine that it is really a substitute for an oven.

I then found out about it on the internet and ordered the Omnia Camping Oven *.

And because I’m always very impatient, I naturally ordered the Omnia oven from Amazon* via Prime. And so it arrived quickly.

Cooking in a small space is often a challenge that needs to be mastered. That is why the Omnia oven offers the best conditions for this.

The Omnia camping oven consists of three parts

  • a special shaped base black enamelled or made of stainless steel
  • Aluminium mould
  • Red lid with ventilation holes

These 3 parts together give the upper and lower heat for baking and also cooking. Because in the Omnia camping oven you can not only bake, but also prepare great oven dishes!

Erfahrung mit dem Omnia-Backofen

How the Omnia camping oven works

The Omnia camping oven is not an oven in the conventional sense. The Omnia camping oven gets its heat from the cooker. According to the manufacturer, the Omnia camping oven is suitable for all types of cookers, such as gas cookers, spirit cookers and electronic hotplates. The Omnia camping oven does NOT work on induction! Due to the design, excess heat and underheat are released.

The base of the Omnia camping oven is available in stainless steel or as a black enamelled base. The enamelled base can damage the glass ceramic hob, so the oven must not be used there. Alternatively, you can use the stainless steel base on the glass ceramic hob.

Schwarzes Unterteil OMNIA Backofen
Omnia-Backofen | 4 Reifen 1 Klo

Both the base and the baking tin itself have a hole in the middle. The heat from the cooker is conducted upwards through this hole and the rounded shape of the base. This bottom heat is dissipated by the lid (top heat). The ventilation holes in the lid prevent overpressure.

The Omnia mould has a volume of 2.0 l. Only approx. 1.4 l is recommended for preparation, as the remaining volume is needed for heat generation.

In order to get a lot of pleasure from the Omnia mould, you should follow the cleaning instructions.

Omnia-Campingbackofen-Aluform emaillieren lassen

Presentation Omnia Oven

In this video on YouTube, I explain exactly how the Omnia oven works and what you need to watch out for.

The Little Swede

The Omnia camping oven was invented in Sweden and is used wherever there is no normal oven. That is why it has become very popular in caravans, mobile homes and even boats. So it was only natural that the Omnia oven was soon called a camping oven.

It is, next to the large furniture store, a very smart invention that gives you the possibility to prepare everything in the motorhome that you would otherwise prepare in a fixed oven.

Baked-on products such as rolls, croissants or even baking or bread baking mixes work very well. Actually, all you have to do is follow the instructions for use. Actually – if it weren’t for the problem with the temperature. There is always a degree number on the German products, as we work with electricity. With the Omnia, however, we need a corresponding stage, i.e. a gas temperature.

Here is a little help for the conversion:

  • 1st stage = 150° and 130° circulating air
  • 2nd stage = 160° and 140° circulating air
  • 3rd stage = 180° and 160° convection oven
  • 4th stage = 200° and 180° convection oven
  • 5th stage = 220° and 200° convection oven

I solved the problem with the temperature by installing a thermometer.

For savoury recipes, heat the Omnia on the highest heat for 2-3 minutes at the beginning. Then place it in the oven for 40-50 minutes. on a medium flame, depending on what you are preparing. Try out where the middle flame is for you. To do this, you must observe the flame visually. Outdoors, the flame can be quickly blown out by a breeze, so a windbreak is very useful.

In any case, I always have bread baking mixes and also various cake baking mixes on board. Just go quickly. And who has so many different types of flour with them when they travel to bake a loaf of bread? We all know the problem with the payload.

I'm not giving that thing away any more!

I was really sceptical at the beginning. But in the meantime I just love this piece of sheet metal. I often use the Omnia camping oven with a gas cartridge cooker at home on the balcony. I also test recipes that I try out in my OMNIA kitchen. What convinced me at all about this “tin part” was the taste! You can’t taste any difference at all between preparing a cake or casserole in the oven at home and in the Omnia camping oven. The pie also browns beautifully in the Omnia camping oven and the cheese crust crisps up. I can’t say often enough how much I love this piece of sheet metal. Of course things go wrong in the beginning. But that is part of it. You have to learn to rethink. In the beginning, I ran to the gas cooker every 5 minutes and looked under the lid of the Omnia camping oven to make sure I wasn’t afraid that the fire brigade would be around the corner. And in doing so, I made one of the biggest mistakes: constantly stealing the Omnia’s top heat.

For how many people is the Omnia oven sufficient?

Since the Omnia oven only has a capacity of 2l, and you can only use 1.8l for cooking, you are already very limited by the quantity.

You can’t just “pour water into the soup” because the Omnia is already overfilled by then.

When asked how many people the Omnia oven is suitable for, I always say: It depends on the fellow diners and the dish! And that’s how it is. For 2 adults and 2 small children, the Omnia is enough. But for 2 adults and two 17-year-old boys, forget it! The boys don’t get full even with a whole pack of toast 😂.

But it is still worth buying, for example to make a delicious casserole as a side dish for the barbecue. Who always wants to eat potato or pasta salad with a barbecue?

With a lasagne, Tuscan filet casserole or bacon chicken wrap with baguette and salad, you can also feed 2 adults and the two 17-year-olds. It really depends on what you do and how you do it. There are now so many recipes in my collection that are suitable for “enough mouths to feed” 😂. What you really have to get rid of, however, is the fact that if you are cooking for 4 or more people, you are working exclusively with the Omnia oven. We campers also love barbecues. So…delicious casseroles, potato casserole, pasta casserole or vegetable casseroles, as a tasty side dish for the barbecue. The Omnia oven has a wonderful raison d’être – you just have to use it properly!

Finally, something to smile about...

My beginning was not easy either and I too was able to throw this piece of sheet metal over the balcony in the beginning. My first two cakes were a disaster….

And today? Yes today I post recipes for the Omnia camping oven and even write cook/bake books for the thing. Everyone can handle it – you too!

Kuchen aus dem Omnia-Backofen

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