We move into the camper van – Hotel MAMA

We move into the camper van – Hotel MAMA

21. September 2023
Who doesn’t know that? You want to give the hatchlings a lot of freedom and don’t teach them housework in the process – Hotel MAMA just….

Hotel Mama

Can you remember our crazy plan to move into the camper van? Of course, we still want to do that. And our goal is getting closer day by day!

When we made this decision, we had the scanning of important documents, a health insurance, mail delivery or even the flat clearance in mind. But what we didn’t think of at all was “Hotel Mama”.

For me it was clear that “Hotel Mama” was closing and our hatchlings were going their way. I was thinking that after graduating from high school, the two of them would either study or do appropriate training; settle down in a nice flat of their own and we might support them financially while the studies or training are going on.

Never in my life would I have thought that “iron”, “washing machine” and co. would get in my way! “How does the laundry get into the wardrobe?” After all, the washing machine does everything on its own. And the dryer does the rest. But who arranges the laundry? Who fills up the washing machine? Who fills the dryer? And who irons and folds the laundry afterwards? Exactly! Hotel MAMA!

Hotel MAMA is an all-inclusive company. And even free of charge. And although Hotel MAMA covers so many work areas, one thing is missing: the trainer of all work areas!

Well, I’m not innocent of it! I think many mothers pamper their children too much. Maybe it’s not petting either. For me, it’s more “convenience”. Because, when I’m doing something at Hotel MAMA and my hatchlings ask if they can help, I usually say “no”. Unfortunately, I have found that when they help me, I am more busy answering “how do I do it” questions than I would like. And I absolutely don’t have the time! A mistake, I know. But now I have to spoon out the soup….

Last New Year’s Eve, our oldest hatchling, Joanna, was invited to a party. She wanted to bring meatballs. Sure, she can bring meatballs, but she had to make them herself – the cook at Hotel MAMA had New Year’s Eve off!

The housekeeper was kind enough to buy the appropriate ingredients because she was at the supermarket anyway.

On New Year’s Eve morning, Joanna wanted to fry the meatballs with the hotel cook. In the morning Joanna jumped into the shower and got ready. You know: shower-dress-up-dress-up. It is New Year’s Eve after all. On the way to the bathroom, I asked her if she really wanted to jump in the shower now. “Well sure, why not?” Hmmm, maybe because you smell like a chip ranch right away??? Anyway, she was taking a shower…

Around noon, i.e. no longer in the morning, we were able to start – and I already knew that we wouldn’t be making meatballs “on the spur of the moment”.

Being nice, I took care of the onions. She should already be soaking the bun. Now it was “How do I do it?”. Bianca….breathe…1,2,3.

Now it was the turn of the mince, eggs, spices and co. to be mixed into a bowl. Bowl? “These?” “Too small” “This one?” “Too small. The mince has to fit in there well.” Bianca…breathe deep…1,2,3.

And now it got funny – at least for me!

The ingredients landed in the bowl one by one. And the fact that eggshell sometimes ends up in the bowl when you’re cracking an egg, well, that’s happened to all of us. “How do I get this out?” Bianca…breathe DEEPER…1,2,3, but my questioning look and widened eyes must have given the answer ad hoc. “With a spoon!” Exactly child, with a spoon 😀 . Hops and malt do not seem to be lost yet…

Then came the first mess – the soaked roll. “Eww, that’s slippery.” I have to admit: A grin spread across my face.

The bun was added to the hack and mishmash number 2 followed with an even louder “Ewww, that’s disgusting!” My grin widened!

So far, so good. “Done!” she cheered with pride. “And? Does it taste good?” I asked. A questioning look from the hatchling followed 😀 . “Well, you have to taste it to know if it is sufficiently seasoned,” I said with a slightly suppressed grin. After a little discussion, she tried it. “Raw meat. That’s disgusting!” My grin turned into a loud laugh! The main thing is that mum always makes the frikas and you can jump on them.

Hackbraten | Frikadellen | 4 Reifen 1 Klo

And now it was time to fry. It squirted, it ouched, it took a long time – quite a long time. But snacking on the finished meatballs was fun for her again 😉 .

When 60 small meatballs had finished frying, she said goodbye with the words “I’m going to take another shower!” Do that my child, do that 😀 .

After this action I already realised: I should have shown her more in the past.

In the meantime, it even gets on my nerves that I do everything on my own. After all, they are almost 19 and 16 years old. Of course I have a lot to blame for that! And now it was my turn to catch up, otherwise we won’t be living in a camper van for the next 30 years.

The reason for this probably lies in my roots….

As my parents were self-employed and had their shop open 7 days a week, I had to help a lot. I first got to know an iron when I was eleven. When I was twelve, I already knew my way around a washing machine, hoover and floor mop. When I was 13, I ran the entire household, including cooking.

Of course, today it’s good that I learned all that, even though I was more or less thrown in at the deep end. However, my childhood lost a lot. When others went to the swimming pool, I would have to iron or help out in the shop. And I wanted to spare my hatchlings THAT – they should have a childhood!

How you do it, you do it wrong 😉 . But as the saying goes:

“You learn from your mistakes!”

That’s why my hatchlings will get mail soon! It is an invitation. An invitation to the “Scrub and Rub Hatchling In-house Seminar”:


You are hereby cordially invited to the

“Scrub and rub Hatching Chicks In-house Seminar”.


This seminar teaches the following basics:

  • How does the clean laundry get into the cupboard?
    • Doing laundry without an app?
    • Does the dryer already fold the laundry?
    • Do wrinkles come out of the laundry?
  • Cleanliness vs. dirt
    • Where does the grey wool in the corners come from?
    • What is this device that swallows the dirt?
    • Will I get sick if I clean the toilet?
    • Why does it look so foggy outside when I look through the window?
  • Other:
    • How do the empty deposit bottles get to the supermarket?
    • Does the waste paper fairy exist?
    • Why is the toilet paper never empty?

An advanced training seminar under the motto “Magic in the Kitchen” is planned afterwards

***Cancellation of this seminar is not possible***

And I already know: This seminar will irritate my nerves to the core. This is the price I pay for my “comfort”. Hotel MAMA closes with us moving into the camper van. However, Hotel MAMA support will never stop its services.

To be continued…

Kind regards

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