We want to move into the mobile home

We want to move into the mobile home

22. September 2023
In 4 years we want to move into a mobile home. Away from the whole “Higher, Faster, Further” ….

Life in a motorhome

In about 4 years we’ll be moving into a mobile home!

It’s decided: we want to move into a mobile home! We have cherished this dream for several years. But now we are setting all the course for a life in a motorhome!

Why only in 4 years? One reason is that our hatchlings are not yet ready to leave the nest. Joanna has just turned 18 and is about to graduate from high school. Afterwards, she aims to study, although she is already grown up enough that, if she had her way, we could already move into the mobile home 😀 .

However, our youngest hatchling, Josy, is still a few weeks away from her 15th birthday and therefore still a long way from “falling out of the nest”.

For this reason, the 4-year period is very realistic. But….there is, of course, also a lot to prepare:

First and foremost, of course, we have to cover our costs in the camper van as well. After all, they don’t live on air and love there either. So the financial side has to be secured.

Furthermore, there is the matter of the registration address. The new law on landlord certification has been in force since 01.11.2015. There are various possibilities here, which also have to be researched in detail first.

Appropriate health insurance should also be available. I think this is quite important, even though I know that many “dropouts” do not have health insurance. Maybe you can still pay for the dentist. But what if you have to have an operation? Here, as a social insurance clerk, I don’t see the big problem of finding an individual solution.

Every now and then someone gets the idea and employs nice postmen to send us letters. I imagine delivery in a goat meadow in Spain or on a fjord in Norway to be a bit adventurous and difficult. However, there are already solutions for this. The right solution is sure to be there for us too.

Many documents have accumulated over the years: Insurance policies, social security certificates, pay slips, court rulings through divorce and maintenance, etc. I will now sort out and scan them all. I will now sort all of this out bit by bit and scan it. I have enough time before we want to move into the mobile home. I think I need them for that too, if I don’t want to be busy scanning around the clock for 8-10 weeks….

But why do we actually want to move into the mobile home? Isn’t a nicely furnished flat enough? NO, not for us! We are vagabonds. We are drawn to the outdoors. We want to get out of this rut of hectic, stress and “faster-higher-further”. I owned a condominium in my last marriage. Did it make me happier? NO! Well, she eventually fell victim to the divorce. Now we have a very nice rented flat, a 55-inch flat screen TV, car in front of the door, laptop, PC, iPhone, a wardrobe full of clothes. With the number of bedding sets we have, I could put on a different set of bedding every week and it would only be repeated after 12 weeks. But does that make me happier? NO! Every morning I drive to work at the health insurance company. I have wonderful colleagues. A really great working atmosphere! But does that make me happier? NO! Apart from the fact that it’s not my dream job, but I like doing it. We have a wonderful motorhome in the garage with which we make great road trips. Does that make me happier? YES!!!! 😀

We don’t need 12-person tableware from Rosenthal. No 55-inch flat-screen TV either. Why so much bed linen? Typical phrase from us women: “We have nothing to wear!” – but the wardrobe is bursting 😮 ! What am I really looking forward to with this action? Here’s to the minimalist! Less is more, as the saying goes. Silbermond sings about “light luggage”. The song “Au Revoir” by Mark Forster fits us like a glove. And in the motorhome you only have the bare essentials – minimalist!

My husband feels the same way. For many days and nights we dreamed of moving into a mobile home. But now the course is being set! Even if it takes another four years. What is 48 months??? Can you remember the birth of your child? – and suddenly it’s a schoolchild 😉 .

We want to wake up in the morning in the wonderful places of this world. Want to experience the world and not just live in it. This feeling of being able to be at home anywhere in the world. Simply set off when and where you want. Always follow your nose. Stop where you want (and are allowed). This unboundedness and freedom that you experience when camping. That’s just great!

Camping a wonderful form for the body to recover. We poison our bodies every day with stress and pressure to perform. The body rebels. It often rebels with headaches – tension headaches. When the stress then subsides, the body can “breathe” again and it has strength for other “construction sites”.

When someone goes on a journey, he can tell a story! That is as true as the salt in the soup. After all, travel, the longing for life and the world is a book. Those who never travel only see one side of it.

We don’t want any more stress that causes illness. We want to move into the mobile home.

So you see, there is still a lot to clarify, research and do. The planning begins….

You are cordially invited to join us in the planning!

Kind regards


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