The original Omnia thermometer for the camping oven

22. September 2023
The topic of “thermometers” divides the Omnia community. But if you know a few things about the thermometer, then it really makes sense!
Temperatur im Omnia Backofen

The original thermometer from Omnia for the camping oven

The thermometer for the Omnia oven has finally arrived from OMNIA!

When I had the idea for the thermometer for the Omnia oven in 2015, maybe I should have patented it 😁. Because now OMNIA has launched a thermometer for the Omnia oven. I am very happy about it! And I am somehow also a bit proud that many of my “ideas” were taken up 😁. For example, after I found out that the Savarin mould (the mould for the Frankfurter Kranz) fits in the Omnia, I later got a FITTING silicone mould. The muffin mould was created 😁 and they listened to the community that they would like to have different colours for a silicone mould – the DUO. The market launch always takes a while, but that also has to do with production processes. It’s great to see that OMNIA is developing and actually listening to the large community 🥰🤗.

Thermometer für den Omnia Backofen
Omnia Thermometer
Omnia Backofen Thermometer

And the Omnia thermometer has a great feature:

If you previously had to enlarge a ventilation hole on the Omnia lid to 8mm, this is now a thing of the past. Because you no longer need to enlarge a ventilation hole for the original OMNIA thermometer – it fits into any ventilation hole! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

The customised shape of the thermometer also fits the Omnia lid perfectly and no longer looks so “clunky”. The practical locking screw makes it easy to fix in one of the ventilation holes of the lid to measure the temperature in the Omnia oven. Also practical if you want to rinse the lid. and a note: Neither the lid nor the thermometer is dishwasher safe!

With the pointed measuring lance, even the core temperature of baked goods and food can be easily measured during preparation. You can find information on the core temperature for meat and fish here (as a printable PDF) and for cakes here (as a printable PDF).

Einbau Omnia Thermometer | 4 Reifen 1 Klo
Thermometer im Deckel vom Omnia Backofen | 4 Reifen 1 Klo
Temperatur im Omnia Backofen

Please remember that the thermometer is a GUIDELINE to assist better handling with the Omnia oven.

Recipes for the Omnia oven do not usually take the temperature into account. You will learn more about this in the following section and why a thermometer can still be useful.

Gas consumption:

Since you now have a better overview of the cooking and baking times, turn off the gas after approx. 30 minutes and not after 40-45 minutes. In the long run, these (useless) extra minutes become noticeable in taste and also in gas consumption. More efficient work with energy-conscious consumption is the pleasant consequence.

Different types of cookers:

This is a very special point: gas cooker not all gas cookers are the same! If on one gas cooker the casserole was ready in 30 minutes, the exact same casserole on the other gas cooker might have taken 40 minutes or even only 25 minutes.

This is simply because the gas cookers work with different kW.


The routine about cooking and baking times sets in faster on. It’s not as if you can look through a pane of glass to see how high or dark the cake already is or whether the chicken thighs already have the desired browning, as is the case with the electric oven. If you keep taking the lid off the Omnia oven, you keep stealing the top heat from the Omnia oven.

Conclusion: Bright and raw on top – cooked to burnt on the bottom! Especially for inexperienced Omnia friends, a thermometer is a relief.

You are welcome to read our experience report with the previously recommended thermometer on our blog on the subject of “Thermometer for the Omnia oven”.


As every type of cooker is different, you will NOT find any temperature information in my recipes/recipe books (you will NOT find this information in ANY recipe book for the Omnia oven)! The temperatures would vary depending on the type of cooker. This would only lead to confusion and false information.

From my experience, I can tell you that the temperature on the OMNIA thermometer for savoury recipes should be between 100° and 125°. When heating up, it can also go higher for a short time.

Original OMNIA thermometer for the camping oven

Available here!

Omnia Thermometer
Thermometer für den Omnia Backofen

And here is also the video instruction:

The redirection is to YouTube. You may need to change the privacy policy to see the video. You know…GDPR!

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Camping, Wohnmobil, Caravan, Backpacker, Dachzelte, Zelte, Segler, Kochen unterwegs, Grillen, Omnia-Backofen, Technik, Freunde finden – Hier gehts rund um unser Hobby!