Tuscan chicken as MAXI version

Tuscan chicken – the popular recipe now also in a MAXI version for your family!

The ingredients such as olive oil, rosemary, oregano, basil and the tomatoes are totally coordinated in taste so that none of the herbs overpowers the other flavours.

Lots of potatoes are added to fill you up. And poof, you’ve whipped up a quick and delicious one-pot recipe in the Omnia MAXI mould.

The Tuscan chicken as a maxi version, is prepared in no time and through the many herbs it also goes on a pleasure trip in no time.

You can easily prepare the Tuscan chicken in the MAXI mould and then, just in time when everyone is hungry, just put it on the gas cooker. So, chop everything, season, marinate and fill into the OMNIA MAXI mould. Off to the fridge and wait until everyone screams “hungry”.

My tip

Tomatoes are important for hydration. However, if you don’t like or tolerate tomatoes, you can replace them 1:1 with courgettes or peppers.

The fresh herbs can be replaced by dried or frozen herbs. Note, however, that dried herbs do not have as intense a flavour as fresh or frozen herbs.

You can find even more recipes for the MAXI mould here or in my cookbook “Hearty MAXI recipes for the Omnia MAXI mould”.


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4 chicken breast fillets (approx. 800g)
1000g waxy potatoes
125g cocktail/cherry tomatoes
3 tbsp tomato paste
100ml broth
5 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp basil, fresh
3 tbsp rosemary, fresh
3 tbsp oregano, fresh


Wash the potatoes and cocktail tomatoes.

Cut the potatoes into quarters lengthwise, mix with the olive oil and place in the OMNIA MAXI mould.

Wash the herbs. Pluck the oregano and basil leaves and the rosemary needles from the stalk and chop finely.

Mix the stock, tomato paste and 4 tbsp of each of the herbs. Season with salt and pepper and pour over the vegetables. Mix everything well.

Halve the cocktail tomatoes and scatter over the top.

Wash the chicken breast fillets, pat dry and, if necessary, remove the skin and tendons. Season with salt and pepper. Place on top of the vegetables.

Sprinkle the remaining herbs on the chicken breast fillets.

Now cook the MAXI Tuscan Chicken for 5 minutes over a full flame and 50-60 minutes over a medium/medium flame.

Every cooker is different. Cooking times often depend on the thickness of the meat pieces or how large/thick the vegetables have been cut.

Did you know that the MAXI mould is also available with a non-stick coating? So nothing sticks to the mould and rinsing is mega easy. The non-stick MAXI mould is available here*.

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