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21. September 2023
Experiences, tips, information and recipes about the Omnia oven!


I have already had experience with the Omnia oven for a few years. I would like to share this experience with you in my blog and in the following pages. Because I know from my own experience that this part, on the one hand, can make your life hell if you don’t know some things. On the other hand, it can also enrich life. That’s why you’ll find support, tips and information on this page.

My experience with the Omnia oven has been consistently good – now that I have struggled through all the difficulties.

Do you know it?

  • What is the Omnia oven?
  • How much actually fits in there?
  • Can you also make pizza in it?
  • How much dough do I need for cakes?
  • What flame intensity do you use?
  • How do I get the part clean again?
  • Do I need a silicone mould?
  • What is the baking rack used for?
  • How long does a cake take?
  • Do I need to grease the silicone mould?

If you answer only two questions with “yes”, then you are in the right place. I was faced with the same problems, questions and difficulties with the Omnia camping oven!

The oven from Sweden

The Omnia oven was invented in Sweden over 30 years ago. It has been available in Germany for over 15 years. However, it only became popular about 5-6 years ago. Mhhh….my blog has been around for 5-6 years 😁.

As I learned in a personal conversation with the current manufacturer, the Koala Company based in Sweden, the current camping oven was previously called “Optimus” and was manufactured by the company of the same name. However, at that time it was smaller and had a blue lid. I can well imagine that some people are now thinking of the Transformers series 😁. When the Swedish company ALDE, which we know today as a well-known manufacturer of heating systems for motorhomes and caravans, merged with the Optimus company, the camping oven got its familiar red lid and was enlarged by about 1/4.

Initially, the Omnia oven was intended for the boating sector. But in the meantime it is used everywhere where there is no normal oven. That is why it has become very popular in caravans, mobile homes and even boats. So it was only natural that it was soon called a camping oven.

The small oven is ideal for baking bread rolls, croissants and the like. But also for many other preparations such as casseroles, cakes or baking bread.

I have described in detail how the oven works here.

My experience with the Omnia oven

When the camping oven and I found each other, the stars were not in our favour!

The thing really got on my nerves and the hardest part was figuring out how much to set the gas flame and when it was done. For the Omnia oven to work properly, you must not always open the lid.

However, when I started Omnia, many Omnia recipes were not yet available on the internet for me to follow. Or rather: there were no recipes for it yet! So I had to do it myself.

The start was difficult

The first thing I wanted to do was bake a very simple sponge cake in the camping oven. Many people start with a lemon cake from Dr. Oe… I noticed. This is really a phenomenon 😁.

Well, so I started mixing the dough, poured it into the greased Omnia mould (there was no silicone mould at the time 😁), then turned the gas flame to full blast (you know, from the electric cooker 🤷‍♀️) and off I went. However, I was lucky that the fire brigade didn’t arrive after 10 minutes…

The result was….a pitch-black cake!

So my first experience with the Omnia oven was really not the best, as you can see. Nevertheless, I haven’t given up 😊.

This is what my very first cake from the Omnia oven looked like!

Ideal for small rooms

Having used the Omnia oven constantly since 2015, I can say that the small oven has truly enriched my camping kitchen. My experience with the camping oven finally turned into a magnificent high after many, many lows.

But it’s really fun to try out different casseroles, cakes or even bread with the camping oven. In the meantime, my blog 4 REIFEN & 1 KLO has become a little “Wikipedia for the Omnia oven”. Here you will find (almost) every answer, e.g. “How does the Omnia oven work?” or “How to clean the Omnia oven”.

Omnia-Backofen | 4 Reifen 1 Klo

Recipes for the Omnia oven

My Omnia recipes have all been prepared on a gas stove/range. I try to prepare everything directly in the Omnia oven whenever possible. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and sautéing individual ingredients is necessary due to the roasting aroma.

Some Omnia recipes require the following additional tools:

  • Frying pan
  • Spatula
  • Whisk/Hand Blender
  • Bowl
  • Planer
  • Measuring jug

The recipes are prepared under the same conditions as in the camper van, i.e. without 220V electricity. No electric hand mixer, no magic wand, no electric cooker.

I like to work with cream substitute in the recipes. If someone prefers to use natural foods, such as cream, the amount can easily be exchanged.

And now…let yourself be enchanted by delicious casseroles, great cakes, muffins and savoury sundries and let yourself be convinced by the versatility of the Omnia oven.

Of course, this collection is constantly being expanded. So it’s worth checking in regularly or becoming a fan on Facebook.

My passion for the Omnia oven also gave rise to my cookery and baking books.

For friends of visual inspiration there is also my YouTube channel – for everyone else too, of course.

The little Wikipedia for the Omnia oven

In the meantime, I have so much experience with the Omnia camping oven that I am already called “Wikipedia for the Omnia oven” in many groups or forums. Yes, it’s true, I really have been through (almost) everything. From burnt cakes to “burn rings” on wooden boards or even putting the HOT bottom part on the carpet tiles during a trade fair exhibition and the hot part sticking to the carpet tile. Or the hair-raising cleaning of the small oven. I think I have an answer to everything by now 😁 and have also summarised this in various posts. And if you have something on your mind regarding the Omnia oven, just get in touch with me by email 😊.

And here is also the video instruction:

The redirection is to YouTube. You may need to change the privacy policy to see the video. You know…GDPR!

Tips, Tricks & Information


The ideal complement for the Omnia oven: our recipe books!

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