Gyros Kritharaki Pan

The Gyros Kritharaki pan is simply prepared in a high pan. Either use ready-pickled gyros meat or marinate the gyros meat yourself. An ideal recipe for home or camping. This recipe is suitable for WW.

Gyros Kritharaki Pan

The gyros-kritharaki pan is simply prepared in a high pan. Either use ready-pickled gyros meat or marinate the gyros meat yourself, as shown in the video.

Kritharaki noodles are small grains of durum wheat semolina, sometimes called rice noodles because of their shape. You can often get this Greek pasta in the supermarket with the olives or Asian food. Alternatively, a well-known Italian pasta manufacturer offers the pasta variety “Risoni”, which can also be used if necessary.

The Gyros Kritharaki pan is not only a great recipe for lunch at home, but also for cooking on the road when camping or cooking in your camper van, but you can also use it for your WW suitable recipes.

As a side dish, I recommend a delicious coleslaw 🤤.

I use the casserole* from “Stoneline” for my pan dishes.

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Gyros-Kritharaki-Pfanne | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Kritharaki-Pfanne mit Gyros | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO Rezepte
Gyros Pfanne mit Kritharaki Nudeln und Krautsalat


750g gyros (alternatively: pork tenderloin, gyros spice, 3 tbsp vegetable oil, 2 small onions, 2 cloves garlic to marinate yourself)
400g Kritharaki pasta
2 peppers, red
500ml strained tomatoes
300ml broth
3 tbsp tomato paste
Oil for frying


Cut the pork fillet into strips. Peel the onions and garlic. Cut the onions into half moons. Chop the garlic. Mix with the vegetable oil and gyros spice in a bowl. Alternatively, buy ready-made gyros meat.

Wash the pepper, remove the seeds and cut into small strips.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan. Fry the marinated pork fillet in it all over.

Stir in the tomato paste. Deglaze with strained tomatoes and half the stock.

Add the kritharaki noodles. Add the peppers and reduce. Stir every now and then in between. If necessary, add the remaining stock.

The gyros-critharaki pan is ready as soon as the noodles and peppers are soft.

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