Rocktrail camping oven – The camping oven from Lidl

Rocktrail Campingbackofen | Erfahrungsbericht und Test | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

Contents The Rocktrail camping oven from Lidl The Rocktrail camping oven has been available at Lidl since April 22, 2024. Exactly, at Lidl. A discount store. Rocktrail is a manufacturer of camping and outdoor articles that sells its products through Lidl. With this background knowledge, you can understand why “Lidl” sells a camping oven. I […]

The perfect spoon for the Omnia oven

Passender Löffel für den Omnia Backofen | Dreamfarm

The right spoon for the Omnia oven? I have been looking for a suitable spoon for the Omnia oven for a long, really long time. Yes, there are many spoons that fit into the Omnia baking dish. I also tried different spoons and the important thing was just that they weren’t metal or too big […]

Thermometer for the Omnia Oven

How many degrees is it in the Omnia oven? “A thermometer for the Omnia oven would be something useful,” I once thought to myself. But how should this work and for what should it be needed? The first warm rays of sunshine had finally arrived and the weather was crying out for delicious barbecue meat. […]