Chicken pasta – tasty & easy from the pan

21. September 2023
A one-pot recipe from the pan that children will also like
Hähnchen-Pasta aus der Pfanne | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

Chicken pasta

Chicken pasta from the pan 😁. This is a recipe that I also prepare very often at home. Simply because it’s easy, quick and delicious. and to my absolute delight, my hatchlings have always loved this recipe too.

I always thought it was bad that I couldn’t get a gram of vegetables in the two girls. At least not cooked vegetables. Cucumber or tomatoes always worked. But as soon as it was in the food…..Bäh 🤬.

The chicken pasta is really easy to prepare. I also often make stir-fry dishes when we are travelling with the camper van. Yes, it’s hard to believe: at 4 REIFEN 1 KLO there are actually not exclusively Omnia dishes 😂.

Shall I reveal another “secret”? We also barbecue 😱.

But, since I think that one or the other also likes to prepare food with the pan (or maybe not with the Omnia oven??? 😱), I didn’t want to deprive you of the chicken pasta with chicken breast, noodles and vegetables of carrots, peas and corn.

Hähnchen-Pasta aus der Pfanne | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Hähnchen-Pasta | Pfannenrezept mit Nudeln | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO


200g tubular noodles
1 onion
400g chicken breast
50g diced ham
100g peas frozen
100g carrots fresh
1 small can of corn
4 tbsp cream cheese
200ml broth

a little oil for frying


Pre-cook the pasta in salted water. Alternatively, you can also use noodles from the refrigerated section.

Wash the chicken breasts and, if necessary, remove the tendons and skin. Then cut into bite-sized cubes.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan. Fry the chicken breast pieces until golden brown all over.

In the meantime, peel the onion, halve it and cut it into half moons.

Peel the carrots and cut into slices.

Drain the maize.

Remove the browned chicken breast pieces from the pan and place on a plate to the side.

Lightly fry the ham cubes with the onions in the remaining frying fat. Add the carrot slices and peas. Deglaze everything with the stock and let it boil down.

When the carrots are soft (you may need to add some stock in between), stir in the cream cheese and season everything with pepper and salt.

Fold in the noodles and sautéed chicken breast, as well as the corn. Heat briefly.

Season everything to taste and serve.

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