Pecorino cheese stuffed pointed peppers

Rote Spitzpaprika mit Feta gefüllt und frischem Gemüse | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO Omnia Rezepte

Pointed peppers stuffed with sheep’s cheese Pointed peppers and feta cheese are a great combination. The pointed peppers fit very well into the Omnia shape in terms of size. With “normal” peppers, you always have to make sure that they are not too big. Depending on the time of year, this can be a sporty […]

Bacon mince roll

Omnia-Rezept "Bacon-Hackrolle" | Omnia Backofen

Bacon mince roll from the Omnia camping oven Bacon mince roll – a different kind of mince! I hated minced meat as a child! Always “Falscher Hase” on Sundays. The name alone is bad music to children’s ears. No child wants to eat a rabbit, right? Then they became more “modern” and the fake rabbit […]

Meatball casserole with feta cheese

Meatball casserole with feta cheese This meatball casserole from the Omnia oven is a wonderful, complete meal. And the great thing is that children like it too! My girlfriend really wanted to know what I was doing and what the Omnia oven was. So I invited her and her two children to dinner at short […]

Cauliflower bomb

Blumenkohlbombe aus dem Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

Cauliflower bomb – an unusual recipe that will delight you! The cauliflower bomb. Who doesn’t know them? If I’m honest…ME! I’ve only ever read about it. How delicious the cauliflower bomb should be and what a great combination. But I’ve never tried them before. It was actually the bacon in the cauliflower bomb that put […]

Tuscan chicken – an easy one-pot recipe from the Omnia oven

Toskanisches Huhn | One-Pot aus dem Campingbackofen

Tuscan chicken What better way to describe Tuscan chicken than as an Italian pleasure trip? With olive oil, rosemary, oregano, basil and tomatoes, it literally screams Italy. But with the potatoes, it’s probably more like a German-Italian friendship. This recipe shows once again how easy it is to prepare in the Omnia oven. The Tuscan […]