Rocktrail camping oven – The camping oven from Lidl

Rocktrail Campingbackofen | Erfahrungsbericht und Test | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO


The Rocktrail camping oven from Lidl

The Rocktrail camping oven has been available at Lidl since April 22, 2024. Exactly, at Lidl. A discount store.

Rocktrail is a manufacturer of camping and outdoor articles that sells its products through Lidl. With this background knowledge, you can understand why “Lidl” sells a camping oven. I mean, that’s not really a product you’d expect to find at a discount store, is it?

Two weeks before the actual sales launch, my Facebook group went crazy when Stefanie posted an excerpt from the Lidl brochure with the offer for the Rocktrail camping oven on April 13, 2024.

The comments exploded and the run on the Lidl online store started immediately. I also ordered the Rocktrail camping oven. Actually, I only ordered it because I was somehow expected to test it.

And I was really looking forward to it. Especially for the unbeatable price of €14.99 – including silicone mold and baking rack.

Angebot Lidl für den Rocktrail Campingbackofen im April 2024

From then on, there was no other topic in our Facebook group.

The offer was posted again and again, also with the note that the online offer for the Lidl camping oven was sold out in the meantime, even before the camping oven was available in the Lidl store.

In the meantime, the first online customers have also received the Rocktrail camping oven and have posted their first experiences with it. Yes, the topic was not only a concern for my Facebook group, but for social media in general. You could find it in all the camping groups on Facebook. TikTok and Instagram filled up more and more on the topic.

I also received the Rocktrail camping oven from Lidl shortly before it officially went on sale.

And I also immediately start testing the part…

First of all, of course, there was the big unboxing.

Even the complete package was much heavier than what we were used to from the Omnia oven. I would recognize the weight blindly, as many Omnia oven packages I have already had in my hands.

And then came the big unpacking….

Rocktrail Campingbackofen von Lidl | Erfahrungsbericht | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

The contents

The content was absolutely surprising! Suddenly I was holding a camping oven in my hand that I hadn’t actually imagined. It was really well made. It is also heavy, fully coated and has handles on both sides.

The design of the Rocktrail camping oven was also really stylish. I think this dark anthracite, almost black, makes quite a statement.

Like the Omnia oven, the Rocktrail camping oven consists of three parts:

  • Stainless steel base
  • Steel center section
  • Lid without material details

Here too, all three parts must always be used together.

Rocktrail 5-teiliger Campingbackofen  von Lidl | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Rocktrail 5-piece
Unterteil Rocktrail Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Rocktrail bottom part
Mittelteil/Backform Rocktrail Campingbackofen mit 2 Griffen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Rocktrail baking dish
Rocktrail Campingbackofen von Lidl | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Rocktrail camping oven

I didn’t even recognize the silicone mould because, like the coating, it is black. The silicone mold is super grippy and feels much firmer than the silicone mold from OMNIA.

The baking grid is similar to that of OMNIA, but there are significant differences.

Schwarze Silikonform Rocktrail Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Black silicone mold
Aufbackgitter Rocktrail Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Baking rack
Silikonform und Aufbackgitter Rocktrail Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Silicone mold & baking grid

The function

The Rocktrail camping oven works just like the Omnia oven or the Petromax camping oven.

The so-called bottom heat is created in the bottom section. The heat rises through the chimney, brags on the lid (top heat) and overheats the ingredients.

This provides an oven replacement with top and bottom heat function.

According to the manufacturer, the Rocktrail camping oven is suitable for the following stove types:

  • Gas stove
  • Electric stove
  • Halogen stove
  • Glass ceramic stove (Ceran)

Just like the Omnia oven, the Rocktrail camping oven is not suitable for induction. Now you could ask why the Rocktrail camping oven is not suitable for induction, as it is made of steel and therefore magnetic. This is because the bottom part has a “hole” and the surface does not lie completely on the induction plate. This interruption prevents the heat from being transferred.

But let’s take a look at the parts in detail….

Bottom part

The base of the Rocktrail camping oven is made of stainless steel. The opening for the chimney has been raised so that it protrudes slightly into the baking tin.

As the lower part is made of stainless steel, you must also note that the stainless steel lower part turns purple to dark when exposed to heat. This is a chemical reaction of stainless steel and heat. This discoloration cannot be removed and is actually only an optical “defect”.

No water gets into the bottom part! It is only responsible for the bottom heat, as the heated air in it heats the lower part of the camping oven.

Compared to the Omnia lower part, it is of course very similar.

Unterteil Rocktrail Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Bottom part Rocktrail
Unterteil Omnia Backofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Bottom part Omnia

Center part/baking tin

The middle section of the Rocktrail camping oven is made of steel. So not stainless steel, but steel that has been coated.

The difference between steel and stainless steel lies in the composition. Stainless steel contains much more carbon, among other things. Wer sich darüber genauer informieren möchte, der wendet sich am besten mal an Onkel Google oder Tante Bing. They have detailed information on this. What is an important aspect, however, is the fact that steel costs just 1/3 as much as stainless steel. And then you can at least begin to explain the price of the Rocktrail camping oven (although aluminum is even cheaper).

Both the Rocktrail camping oven and the Omnia oven have a ceramic coating.

The Rocktrail baking pan is coated on the inside and painted on the outside. Both in the same color, whereby the Omnia baking pan is brushed on the outside and coated on the inside. However, it should be mentioned that the non-stick Omnia baking tin is only available as an accessory and is not included in the basic version.

According to the manufacturer, the baking dish must not be put in the dishwasher!


Although the baking pan of the Rocktrail camping oven appears much larger in terms of capacity, this is deceptive.

The chimney on the Rocktrail baking pan is straight and on the Omnia baking pan it is conical and slightly slanted. The chimney on the Rocktrail baking pan is shorter than the outer edge, which means that the chimney is decisive for the filling height of the Rocktrail camping oven.

The capacity of the baking tins therefore differs only slightly. The Omnia baking dish has a capacity of 2 l, although only 1.8 l may be used. The baking dish from the Rocktrail camping oven has a capacity of 2.1 liters. Here I was also recommended a capacity of 1.8 l.

And so….fit all our recipes from the crowd into the Rocktrail camping oven!

Rocktrail Backform Campingbackofen von Lidl | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Rocktrail baking dish
Omnia antihaft beschichtete Backform | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
OMNIA baking dish with non-stick coating
Größen Rocktrail und Omnia Backformen
Same heights for both camping ovens
Both baking tins in comparison

Another highlight is that the Rocktrail baking pan has steel handles on both sides that are riveted to the baking pan. These handles are super sturdy, but get incredibly hot! Silicone potholders are absolutely essential.

Steel handle
Handles were riveted


The lid of the Rocktrail camping oven is also painted in anthracite, almost black, and has a lid handle.

The lid handle neither melted nor got very hot during my tests, but it did get warm. However, you could remove the lid from the camping oven without silicone potholders.

The lid has 3 ventilation holes of approx. 3 mm diameter arranged next to each other. The lid of the Omnia oven and also of the Petromax camping oven has 6 ventilation holes evenly distributed around the lid with a diameter of approx. 5mm.

According to the manufacturer, the lid must not be put in the dishwasher!

Deckel Rocktrail Campingbackofen mit 3 Ventilationslöchern | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Rocktrail lid with 3 ventilation holes
Rocktrail Campingbackofen | Deckel mit Topfgriff | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Rocktrail lid with 3 ventilation holes
Deckel Rocktrail Campingbackofen und Omnia Backofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Both lids in comparison

I can already reveal one thing:
The ventilation holes will play a decisive role in my test…..

Technical data

Rocktrail camping oven

Omnia oven

Width (incl. handles): 31.8 cm
Width (baking dish): 25 cm
Height: 15.6 cm

Weight: 1,065 g

Bottom part: Stainless steel
Baking dish: steel
Handles: steel
Lid: No information from the manufacturer

Width: 25 cm
Height: 15 cm

Weight: 816 g

Bottom part: Stainless steel
Baking dish: aluminum


Let’s take a look at the accessories supplied with the Rocktrail camping oven, which are included in the price and scope of delivery.

With OMNIA, both the silicone mold and the baking grid are optionally available as accessories.

Silicone mold

The silicone mold included in the scope of delivery comes in stylish black.

The material feels much firmer than the silicone mold from the Omnia oven, although it is not thicker. At OMNIA, the silicone mold, now available in many different colors, is available as an optional accessory.

The silicone mold from the Rocktrail camping oven is designed for temperatures up to 230° and is dishwasher-safe.

When using the silicone mold for the first time, it should be greased (e.g. margarine, oil, etc.). The silicone mold is highly recommended for cakes in particular, as the Rocktrail baking mold gets very hot and the cake can turn black as a result. The silicone mold takes a lot of the heat.

Schwarze Silikonform von Campingbackofen Rocktrail | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Black silicone mold Rocktrail
Schwarze Silikonform | Rocktrail Campingbackofen | Lidl | 4 REIFEn 1 KLO
Black silicone mold Rocktrail
Gleiche Höhen der Silikonformen für den Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEn 1 KLO
Height difference silicone molds
rote Silikonform 2.0
OMNIA red silicone mold

Baking rack

Like the OMNIA baking grid, the Rocktrial baking grid is made of stainless steel.

The OMNIA baking grid rests on the notch in the mold, whereas the Rocktrail baking grid has feet and rests on them. Thanks to these feet, the Rocktrail baking grid can also be used as a trivet for the camping oven.

Another difference between the OMNIA and Rocktrail grids is the different number of steel rings.

OMNIA has 4 steel rings and Rocktrail has 3 steel rings. However, I find the Rocktrail baking grid to be cleaner and not so sharp. I wouldn’t be afraid to use the baking rack in the coated baking tin.

I’ll tell you more about the baking grid when I carry out the individual tests.

Aufbackgitter Rocktrail Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Rocktrail baking grid
Rocktail left/OMNIA right
Feet under Rocktrail
Soldering clearly visible

The test

Now it’s time for the actual test! And just as I tested the Petromax camping oven a few months ago, I am now going to test the Rocktrail camping oven:

  • Oven vegetables
  • Tuscan fillet pot
  • Cake
  • Baking bread rolls
  • Croquettes

During this test, I can also test the silicone mold (cakes) and the baking rack (rolls/croquettes). As with OMNIA, I do NOT use a silicone mold for savory recipes!

Moisture always collects in the silicone mold, which is a desired effect of silicone. I find that without a silicone mold, some of the liquid can evaporate and the recipes don’t turn out as runny. Especially as cleaning with the non-stick coating is a piece of cake.

1st test: Oven vegetables

Oven vegetables with feta cheese is one of my absolute favorite recipes. And if it’s somehow and at some point possible, then I’ll make this recipe. This recipe was also always very well received at trade fairs where we exhibited.

You can find the recipe for the oven vegetables on my blog.

I was really hopeful that it would work out really well. After all, the Rocktrail camping oven made a solid impression. So….chop everything up and put it in the baking dish.

But then came the first big awakening. When I lifted the lid to spread the feta cheese on top, I noticed that quite a lot of water had collected on the lid. The oven vegetables were also quite watered down. If I didn’t know better, I would have assumed that it could be the vegetables. But this was not the case. The cause was quite different:

Ofengemüse aus dem Rocktrail Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Nasser Deckel | Rocktrail Campingbackofen von Lidl
Ofengemüse aus dem Rocktrail Campoingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

Due to the few ventilation holes on the lid, the moist air cannot escape properly. There are many more holes on the OMNIA and the Petromax and not just three small holes right next to each other.

However, this was the first attempt and I wanted to wait and see what the other tests would bring before I didn’t give the Rocktrail camping oven a chance.

I didn’t give up on the Petromax either, because everything burned on the chimney. I have also found a solution for this.

And I’ll spoil it for you:
Of course, I have also found a solution for the condensation water….

2nd test: Tuscan fillet pot

The Tuscan fillet pot is another recipe that is very popular and that I make very often. It’s so easy and also super tasty.

So, here too, we bought everything, prepared it and put it in the Rocktrail camping oven.

I have to say, I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the result.

The cooking times here also matched the cooking times in the Omnia oven. Unfortunately, I found the Tuscan fillet pot too runny. Since I’ve probably made this recipe almost 500 times, it was strange that the sauce turned out so runny right now. It was never because of the meat or the tomatoes. Again, there was a lot of condensation on the lid, which ran into the Tuscan fillet pot as soon as you opened the lid. You also had to be careful that this liquid didn’t drip into the chimney when you lifted the lid.

Ok, let’s see how the Rocktrail performs when baking cakes….

3rd test: Cake

I always use the silicone mold for baking cakes. As I assume that the Rocktrail camping oven gets at least as hot as the Omnia oven or the Petromax, I always use the black silicone mold included in the scope of delivery. The silicone mold absorbs a lot of the heat.

The silicone mold should be greased well when using it for the first time so that the pores in the silicone mold are activated and the cake can be removed from the silicone mold without any problems.

Cakes should always be baked over a low heat right from the start.

The cake was ready in just 35 minutes, fluffy and delicious!

There was also no condensation on the lid this time. Of course, there isn’t much moisture in the cake batter, so condensation can collect on the lid.

4th test: Baking bread rolls

I used the baking rack to bake the rolls.

I really liked the fact that the baking rack doesn’t hit the edges, but is actually “loose” in the baking tin. This also reduces the risk of damaging the coating.

4 rolls fit really well in the Rocktrail baking tin. They fit in so loosely that the rolls don’t even touch the edge. So, unlike the Omnia oven, you don’t need the silicone mold to bake bread rolls! Great!

However, this is because the chimney of the Rocktrail camping oven is not wider at the bottom. This gives you the same diameter at the bottom of the baking tin as at the top.

A tip for baking bread rolls:
Make sure you have the rivets from the handle between two buns. The rivets stick out a little and then “burn” the buns.

I baked the rolls for 15 minutes on a low heat. I would also always recommend a small flame. Due to the material (steel), the Rocktrail camping oven naturally also radiates an enormous amount of heat.

We can also see this in the croquettes….

5th and final test: Croquettes

Unlike chips, croquettes work perfectly in the Omnia oven. Of course I wanted to try this out with the Rocktrail camping oven.

So…. put the baking tray in and croquettes on it. Damn! If you’re not careful, the croquettes roll between the steel rings. The OMNIA baking grid with 4 steel rings has a clear advantage.

But quite honestly….that’s whining on a high level! In that case, the escaped croquette is simply caught and put back on the baking rack.

After 20 minutes, the croquettes were ready on a medium/medium heat.

However, you should turn them once after about half the time. Be sure to turn off the gas.

When the frozen croquettes thaw, they bend downwards. The ends of the croquettes don’t have far to go from the baking grid to the ultra-hot steel base. If they are allowed to rest there for too long, they will burn on the spot.

So… turn them over quickly so that they don’t turn too black.

A small disadvantage of having only 3 steel rings instead of four is that the croquettes have less contact surface and press into the baking grid. But here again: complaining at a high level!

There was still a problem!

And what do we do with the condensation in the lid? Quite simply: we make our own ventilation holes!

Using the Dremel, Frank and I drilled 5 more small ventilation holes in the lid. Then, of course, I wanted to know if it would work and made another oven vegetable. This is the best way to see how much liquid has collected in the baking tin.

Drilling the holes in the lid was also super easy. As the material seemed very thin to us when drilling, we don’t think it’s steel. Maybe very thin steel, if not aluminum. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any information on this in the instructions for use or on the website.

Ventilation holes like the OmniaVentilation holes like the Omnia
Ventilation holes drilled in
Ofengemüse aus dem Rocktrail Campoingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Without ventilation holes
With ventilation holes

IT WORKED!!!! I celebrated it so much! The oven vegetables were great. NO condensation on the lid! It was just mega cool that it really worked out.

Now I really started to love the Rocktrail camping oven!

My conclusion

I have tested the Rocktrail camping oven a lot. Not just these 5 tests that I present here. There was much more. I have also baked bread rolls more than once. Baked 3 cakes and 7 different casseroles. Everything tutti!

I also placed the baking rack in the baking tin, put the lid on and shook the thing back and forth so that the baking rack slid back and forth with its feet to the left, right, top and bottom. I wanted to see if there was any damage to the coating. And for this “test” I should actually demand compensation for pain and suffering. It was sooooo loud that you must have heard this disgusting squeaking and rattling all the way to Canada.

And the result? Nothing! There were absolutely no scratches in the floor!

The silicone mold also delivers what it promises and if you don’t forget the bottom part or use it on full heat for 45 minutes, it should last a Rocktrail lifetime (only time will tell how long that will be).

Visually, the Rocktrail camping oven is simply mega stylish.

The non-stick coating is super good. Of course, washing up was super easy. The handles are also very practical – even if you have to use silicone potholders. Nevertheless, the baking pan fits better “in the hand”.

If you drill ventilation holes afterwards, then it also works with the removal of moisture.

So, for the price, you can’t go wrong! The quality here is also right.

I didn’t have a “white topping” as often shown on the internet, nor did I have to add 30-40 minutes or I had a burnt cake.

Of course, there are lots of accessories for the Omnia oven and it remains to be seen whether the Rocktrail camping oven is a one-off or whether it will be included in Lidl’s range and can at least be ordered online.

I don’t want to “convert” anyone to switching here either. Absolutely not! I just wanted to test and present the “camping oven from the discount store” in detail. If not me, who then?

And we've saved the best for last...

All my recipes for the Omnia oven and recipe books are compatible with the Rocktrail camping oven! I have now written 14 cookbooks for the camping oven. The cookbooks will soon also have a reference to the camping ovens. Even the cooking time is correct. But please note that every stove is different.

The Rocktrail camping oven is made of steel! You must not forget that. Dieses Material ist anders als das Aluminium des Omnia-Backofens. Steel takes longer to heat up and is then hotter. The amount of gas left in the cartridge is also decisive. If the cartridge is almost empty, it no longer has the same power as when it is full.

Rocktrail Campingbackofen Rezepte von 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

Und hier ist das dazugehörige Video:

The redirection is to YouTube. You may need to change the privacy policy to see the video. You know…GDPR!

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