Petromax Dimego camping oven

Bianca von 4 REIFEN 1 KLO stellt den DIMEGO Campingbackofen von Petromax vor


The Petromax Dimego camping oven

Petromax has launched a new camping oven: the Petromax Dimego camping oven made entirely of stainless steel!

At the moment, camping ovens are popping up like mushrooms.

Petromax launched the first Omnia competitor on the market back in October 2021 with its “Campo” camping oven. I have already presented this camping oven in detail in this video on YouTube.

And since April 2024, there has been a “modified” camping oven from Petromax. And I have to say: a lot has changed. Unfortunately, one problem that has remained is that you still need a simmer plate on the gas hob. But more on that later….

Die Petromax Campingbacköfen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Above: Petromax Compo; Below: Petromax Dimego

When you take the Petromax Dimego camping oven out of the packaging, you immediately notice the approx. 5 cm wide rubber band that holds the camping oven together. The elastic band makes a very good impression. It is tight, but still elastic enough that you can easily wrap this rubber band around the camping oven. Just make sure that the knob on the lid is inserted through the slot in the elastic band. The leather emblem with the Petromax lettering, in the matching, earth-colored brown, looks really stylish on the elastic band.

Petromax Diego Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Petromax Campingbackofen „Dimego
Gummiband vam Petromax Campingbackofen DIMEGO in schwarz mit Ledereblem

Like all camping ovens, the Petromax Dimego camping oven also consists of 3 parts:

  • Lower part
  • Center section (baking tin)
  • Lid
Petromax Dimego Campingbackofen | Erfahrungsbericht von 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Petromax Dimego camping oven
Unterteil Petromax Dimego Campingbackofen
Lower part
Backform Campingbackofen DIMEGO aus dem Hause Petromax
Center section (baking tin)
Schwarzer Deckel vom Petromax Dimego Campingbackofen
black lid

In contrast to the Omnia oven, the Petromax camping ovens are not made of aluminum, but of stainless steel.

The bottom part is responsible for the bottom heat and must ALWAYS be placed under the baking pan. The heat that rises from the base through the chimney of the baking pan bounces off the lid. This creates the top heat.


The lid of the Petromax Dimego camping oven has remained almost the same as the Petromax Campo. The lid is powder-coated in black and has 5 ventilation holes so that the steam can escape easily.

The “Petromax” logo can also be found as lettering on the lid. The lid knob is also the same and gets just as insanely hot as on the previous model.

However, the size has changed! As the Petromax Dimego is now higher and therefore narrower, the diameter of the lid is no longer 33 cm, but has shrunk to 26 cm. However, the capacity is still 2 liters, although only 1.8 liters can be used for preparation.

Schwarzer Deckel vom Petromax Dimego Campingbackofen
Powder-coated stainless steel lid
Schwarz pulverbeschichteter Deckel Petromax Dimego Campingbackofen mit Ventilationslöchern.
Ventilation holes
Petromax Logo auf Deckel vom Campingbackofen Dimego | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Logo as lettering and knob

Center part/baking tin

The middle section/baking dish of the Dimego camping oven is called “casserole dish” at Petromax. I think this is to differentiate it from the other camping ovens and especially from the OMNIA© camping oven.

However, since the terms “middle section” or “baking pan” are better known and you may be able to follow the exact comparison better, I will keep these terms in this article.

The middle section of the Petromax Dimego camping oven has been drastically redesigned for the Campo!

Now the changes in detail:

Non-stick coating

It is immediately noticeable that the baking pan of the Dimego camping oven is now covered with a black non-stick coating. The coating is made of ceramic(NO Teflon!), which we already know from the Omnia oven and the Rocktail camping oven. A ceramic coating is more durable and not hazardous to health.

With regard to the non-stick coating, I would just like to briefly point out that the ceramic coating has not peeled off at the outer edge, as you might assume from the pictures. The coating was not applied properly here. I personally have no problem with this, as it does not affect the interior surface, but I know that some people attach importance to such work. The only thing that is important to me with this note is that you don’t mean that “the coating is already peeling off there”. This is not the case at all!

In my tests, the non-stick coating performed very well, as you will see later….

Backform Campingbackofen DIMEGO aus dem Hause Petromax
Kermikbeschichtete Backform vom Campingbackofen Dimego von Petromax

Thanks to the non-stick coating, nothing sticks to the baking tin. Everything comes off perfectly and cleaning is fantastically easy. This also results in lower water consumption. What are we going to do with all the time we now save on washing up? 😂


The handles on the Petromax Dimego camping oven are an absolutely new highlight. The predecessor model, the Petromax Campo, already had handles. However, these were mounted directly on the baking pan.

The handles of the Dimego are made of stainless steel and surrounded by high-quality silicone heat insulation. The handles are foldable so that they can be folded away to save space and the pack size is limited to 10 x 27 x 27 cm (H/W/D).

However, to ensure that the handles do not actually absorb any heat, they must be folded out during the cooking process. When they are folded in, they get incredibly hot because the heat is radiated from the baking pan to the handles.

Griffe Petromax Campingbacköfen im Vergleich
Petromax Dimego (left) and Campo (right)
Griffe Petromax Dimego Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Folded handles
Stainless steel bracket
Wärmeisolierende Haltegriffe am Campingbackofen Petromax Dimego
Silikon-wärmeisolierende Griffe | Petromax Dimego | Campingbackofen

Baking tin

Petromax advertises on its website with the words: “Triple air circulation: top, bottom and side heat”.

This information was already available for the Petromax Campo, but I had overlooked it and therefore didn’t pay any attention to it 😁. Now, however, I’ve become very curious….

Top and bottom heat is the same as with any camping oven:
The bottom heat is created around the bottom section. The heat that rises from the base through the chimney of the baking pan bounces off the lid and creates the top heat.

To find out more about the side heat, turn the baking dish over once. Then you will see that the rim of the Petromax Dimego baking tin has a cavity. This is where the side heat should be generated.

To be honest, I didn’t notice any great difference in my test at first.

However, I’m not giving up so quickly 😁. After all, this cavity must have a purpose. And quite logically, heat will also collect in this cavity. So, where was my mistake? I’ll make it short 😄: In the cooking times!

I can’t use the Omnia oven as a measure for cooking times because the Omnia is made of a completely different material – aluminum! The Petromax Dimego camping oven is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel takes longer to “heat up”. This extends the cooking time. However, I recently tested the Rocktrail camping oven – it’s made of steel and also takes longer to get up to temperature. And it was precisely in this comparison that I found that the Rocktrail camping oven takes longer to cook than the Petromax camping oven! Although both are made of (stainless) steel.

This cavity around the Petromax baking dish reduces the cooking time, as additional heat can collect there. So the side circulation or side heat does have a decisive effect 💪🏻.

This also means that the cooking time and the corresponding gas consumption are reduced! Great, isn’t it?

Attention! Unfortunately, this hint is not in the actual video, as I only realized this afterwards! But I will of course make up for this in another video! Sorry for the missing info! 🤷‍♀️

Seitenzirkulation Petromax Dimego Campingbackofen

Lower part

Petromax calls the lower part “Basic”. However, since the term “lower part” is perhaps more appropriate for you, I will also keep this term in this article.

The lower part of the Petromax Dimego camping oven is made of stainless steel and differs from its predecessor only in the size of the diameter. As the Petromax Dimego has become narrower, the diameter of the lower part has naturally also shrunk.

Unterteil Petromax Dimego Campingbackofen

Unfortunately, to my regret, the hole in the lower part has remained the same size. As a result, the burner of the gas cartridge stove or gas stove has a smaller diameter than the hole in the base. The heat from the gas stove goes directly through the chimney and cannot heat the base at all and thus generate a bottom heat. Here, as I already found out in the video of the Petromax Campo, a simmer plate is again helpful and also urgently needed, which then distributes the heat evenly and a perfect bottom heat can be achieved.

I can recommend the TUKA* as a simmer plate. I use the TUKA with a diameter of 20 cm, although 16 cm would also be sufficient.


Petromax does not yet offer any accessories for the Dimego camping oven, e.g. silicone mold, baking grid, bag, etc.

Technical data

Material: Stainless steel
Coating material: Ceramic
Material handles: silicone
Dimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 10 x 27 x 27 cm
Weight, approx.: 1140 g
Filling volume: 2 l


My test

I always use the same recipes for testing so that you can easily see how the individual camping ovens differ:

And this time it also turned out to be great that I always use the same recipes for my tests, as I was only able to find out what is meant by “side heat/side circulation” and that the cooking time is reduced as a result – compared to similar camping ovens made of (stainless) steel.

And because of my experience with the previous Petromax model, I also used the simmer plate directly.

1st test: Oven vegetables

This time the oven vegetables worked right away. And unlike its predecessor, nothing here is glued or burnt on.

Thanks to the sufficient ventilation holes in the lid, the moisture was also able to escape easily.

The cooking time in the Petromax Dimego stainless steel camping oven was 45 minutes on a medium flame, instead of the 35 minutes stated in the recipe, which is probably due to the “side circulation” advertised by Petromax. Otherwise it would probably have taken longer.

The non-stick coated baking tin really gave its all here, as the subsequent cleaning was also done in no time at all.

As this was my first test with the Petromax Dimego camping oven, I found out for myself that the “heat-insulating handles” had absolutely failed 😂. When I wanted to take the oven vegetables off the hob, I unfolded the handles and….zack, a mighty hot pain shot through my fingertips 😁.

So for the next test, I have decided to fold out the handles during the cooking process. Let’s see what happens….

2nd test: Tuscan fillet pot

Many people will know that I love Tuscan fillet stew. This recipe is super simple, but it looks so incredibly “extensive” that everyone will envy you for “making a recipe like this while camping”. And believe me: it’s also incredibly delicious! 🤤

The Tuscan fillet pot was a completely different story. Although I cooked the recipe in the Petromax Dimego camping oven on a simmering plate, a little roasted aroma did develop in the fireplace. However, this roasted aroma did not affect the taste in any way. And the subsequent cleaning was also very quick. However, this time I had to use the soft side of a scouring pad. But I assure you, the cleaning took maybe 45 seconds longer 😂. And here, too, the non-stick coated baking tin shone in all its glory.

You can watch the cleaning in my YouTube video – uncut 😉 (you’ll find the link at the end of the post!).

However, the fillet pot also took 15 minutes longer than stated in the recipe with the Omnia oven.

Prepared Tuscan fillet pot
Ready-prepared Tuscan fillet pot

And what about the “heat-insulating handles”? Well, this time they did their job perfectly! 👍🏻

So remember:
Fold out the handles of the Petromax Dimego camping oven during the cooking process to avoid burnt fingertips 🤣.

3rd test: Cake

Since Petromax does not offer a silicone mold, you just have to manage without it. Ok, I’m not worried that I won’t get the cake out of the baking tin. This is ensured by the non-stick baking tin with ceramic coating. I’m more worried about the cake getting too dark 😄. All baking tins in the camping ovens get extremely hot. The risk of the cake getting too dark is quite high. A silicone mold “swallows” some of the heat and the cake will not darken or even turn black.

So that means:
Bake the cake ONLY on a low heat – right from the start! Then it’s better to increase the baking time.

The cake turned out really well. It looks a little dark by the fireplace. But this is deceptive. It’s not super light there, but just really lightly tanned.

As you can see from the picture, the cake came out of the baking tin very well. Hardly anything stuck in the non-stick coated mold. The fact that molds with a non-stick coating do not need to be greased is something I have also dispensed with.

I regret to inform you that there is no picture of the finished cake with the chocolate icing – Frank was quicker! 😂 The result, what the cake looked like, is unfortunately only available in the video 🤷‍♀️😃.

For flame adjustment:
The cake was baked in the Petromax Dimego camping oven on a very low flame. And really on a very low flame – almost off. It is important that you also look at the flame, as the flames depend on the contents of your gas cartridge/gas cylinder. I show this again briefly in the video, but in great detail. Yes, that is possible 😂.

The cake was ready after 50 minutes on a low, really low (!!!) heat 😁. For more tips on baking cakes, watch the video on YouTube.

4th test: Croquettes

I actually use the baking rack for croquettes so that the croquettes don’t lie directly on the bottom heat (base), where they may suffer minor burn damage.

But…there is no baking grid, so no amount of moaning will help here 😂.

So the croquettes were simply distributed in the Petromax baking dish. I noticed that not as many croquettes fit into the baking dish as in the Omnia oven. However, this is because the baking rack can be used in the Omnia oven, which increases the diameter from the edge to the chimney. If the croquettes were also made in the Omnia oven without a baking rack, they wouldn’t fit as many because the space at the bottom of the pan would be narrower 🤷‍♀️.

Never mind, the 2-3 croquettes that fit less in the Petromax baking dish don’t make the difference 😄.

After 25 minutes, on a medium heat, I had really great, crispy croquettes.

You should turn the croquettes over halfway through cooking, preferably with a pair of tongs, to prevent them from burning.

In any case, I can recommend croquettes in the camping oven at any time.

And, as you can see, it also works without a baking rack 😉.

5th test: Baking bread rolls

I usually bake bread rolls in the Omnia oven with a silicone mold and baking rack. As the Petromax Dimego camping oven has neither one nor the other, the rolls are baked without these aids. I love challenges 😂.

First of all, the rolls do not fit “straight” into the baking tin of the Petromax camping oven. It’s no big deal, who says you have to bake bread rolls in a certain direction? Yes, the industry 😁. The industry can go fuck itself 😁😁😁.

I simply place the rolls crosswise in the baking tin. I didn’t use frozen rolls for this, as they are “too stiff” for me and take too long 😄. You can fit 4 baked rolls in the baking tin. And if you lay them well, with the tips together, then they don’t even dock onto the outer edge or the chimney.

I would say: experiment a success! 💪🏻

The buns take 15-20 minutes to bake in the Petromax Dimego camping oven, although I turned them over halfway through to prevent them from burning. Yes, unfortunately you have to put up with this small but necessary “evil” of turning the baked rolls over. But let’s be honest: there are worse things. No fresh bread rolls, for example 😂.

However, you should always turn off the gas from the stove when turning it over. Otherwise you will notice it soon…

My conclusion

Now I’m getting smart again 😂. No, quite the opposite!

I can 100% recommend the Petromax Dimego camping oven* to you!

I already liked the design of the previous model. And now Petromax has gone one better. Here you can see that you can also develop a camping oven further. I don’t know if Petromax has seen my last video and taken something from it. It doesn’t matter at all. It is so pleasing that there is further development! The baking tin has a non-stick ceramic coating. The pack size has been significantly reduced and….

….that a Petromax camping oven now also fits on the gas stove in the vehicle! 🥳 Unfortunately, the last Petromax camping oven only fitted a very small number of gas stoves in the vehicles.

When you look at a Petromax product, it is a purchase for eternity! And then the €80.00 no longer hurts. Because if you drop the Petromax camping oven or it slips from left to right in the cupboard during the journey, it doesn’t matter. It’s more likely to damage your cupboard, the floor or, in the worst case, your toe 😅.

The Petromax Dimego camping oven will enrich your camping kitchen if you keep in mind that you can

  1. should use a simmer plate,
  2. the cooking time is slightly longer and
  3. you fold out the handles during the cooking process to avoid burning your fingers 😁

And the test also shows that you can with patience even without a baking tray or silicone mold 😉.

The Petromax Dimego camping oven is currently only available on Amazon*.

All the love

Your Bianca

And now everything once again in detail in the video!

And here is the video to go with it:

The redirection is to YouTube. You may need to change the privacy policy to see the video. You know…GDPR!

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