Enders VAMO – the camping oven with thermometer

Der enders Vamo Campingbackofen mit eingebautem Thermometer | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

The Enders VAMO - the 1st camping oven with a thermometer in the lid

The Enders Vamo – and yet another new camping oven to delight the mobile cooking community 😁. However, there is a new approach here: the Enders VAMO is the first camping oven with a thermometer in the lid. Well, I’m just as excited about that as the world was about the 1st moon landing on June 21, 1969 😂.

Ok, but let’s start very slowly first….

As camping ovens are springing up like mushrooms at the moment, I just had a look at the Enders website to see if they had anything new. And…lo and behold…a new camping oven: the Enders VAMO 🤩.

Without hesitation, I ordered this camping oven for just under €50. Of course, I also have to test this. I find it really exciting to test new camping ovens and see how the range of camping ovens is expanding.

The 1st impression

The Enders VAMO was delivered a few days later. The special design is already recognizable when unpacking. It does not differ in color from the Petromax camping oven. However, the Enders VAMO is “slimline”. He had no “rough edges”. The camping oven is absolutely smooth.

And as with the Petromax, the matt black lid, in combination with the chrome colors, immediately catches the eye. I really like such a timeless design.

At the same time, the thermometer, which is attached to the lid as a knob, also caught my eye.

Der enders Vamo Campingbackofen mit eingebautem Thermometer | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

When I removed the lid, I was flashed and disappointed at the same time.

The non-stick coating that appeared under the lid was very well made. But unfortunately, the chimney was very badly damaged – and this was not due to the non-stick coating. This can happen during production because the chimney is also bent there and therefore also stretched and stressed 🤷‍♀️.

Anthaftbeschichtung | Enders Vamo Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Beschädigte Backform vom Enders Vamo Camping Backofen

We had exactly the same problem with the Omnia oven a few years ago. Frank, Josy and I ALWAYS checked all the Omnia products when we were still selling them, because there was ALWAYS something wrong. Either the lid was stuck, the mold had holes or there was the same damage to the chimney as there is now with the Enders VAMO. I had a deja vu…. 🙄

This model then went back to the dealer. At the same time, I also ordered a new Enders VAMO camping oven.

A few days later

Ok, let’s try again…

Unpacking…special design…black lid…blabla…blabla…blabla 😂. I’ll skip that now and continue where I left off last time….

But now I will go straight into the individual parts.

Enders VAMO

The Enders VAMO is divided up like any other camping oven:

  • Lid
  • Middle section
  • Bottom part

The function is also absolutely the same:

The bottom heat is created in the bottom section. The heat that rises through the chimney radiates off the lid and onto the ingredients, creating the top heat. That’s why you shouldn’t keep looking under the lid of any camping oven, not even the Enders VAMO, because you’ll steal the top heat. As a result, it cooks faster at the bottom and not yet at the top. However, as you check whether it is cooked on top, it may already be burnt on the bottom. So: Just keep your hands off the lid 😁.

Unfortunately, there is no important information on the manufacturer’s website, e.g. for material or the exact function.

If you don’t speak English, you won’t get any further with the information on the packaging, even though this is a German manufacturer. But at least there is a size indication on the packaging:

Width: 25 cm Ø

Height: 16.5 cm

The "operating instructions" for the Enders VAMO - that's fun

In the depths of the operating instructions you will then find the information that the baking pan and the lid are made of aluminum, whereby the baking pan is also provided with a “high-quality ceramic coating with non-stick effect”. The lower part is made of “hard-wearing stainless steel”.

A further paragraph also states that “the oven is not suitable for use in a dishwasher” and that the base may become discolored due to a chemical reaction. However, this is not a “material shortage”. The reference to the discoloration was probably more of a disclaimer on the part of the manufacturer 😁.

In general, the operating instructions are rather sparse and functional. If other manufacturers at least make the effort and include 1-2 recipes, even if these recipes don’t necessarily work 😂 (this is shown, for example, by the apple pie recipe at the Rocktrailwhere 20g of baking powder is added to 100g of flour 🤦🏼‍♀️), but the manufacturers were “always trying”, as they say 😃. Enders has dispensed with this altogether and instead recommends starting with the Enders VAMO camping oven with a “simple recipe like ready-made sponge cake batter”. You should find out the cooking times yourself by trial and error.

To be honest: I’ve already tried a few camping ovens, but when I read the operating instructions for the Enders VAMO and went to the manufacturer’s website to find out more, I was sick to my stomach 🤮. Sorry, but this really gave me the impression that they just wanted to get involved in the “camping oven market”. The focus here was on the customer in the smallest way. This seems to be all about sales.

The statement in the operating instructions is also quite funny:

CAUTION: Do not use knives or other sharp tools in the baking pan. Only use silicone or wooden cooking utensils to prevent damage to the surface.

This is just too cool written 😂. But the main thing is that they supply a baking grid with it, which has powerful pointed cross struts 🤦🏼‍♀️.

The worst thing was that the first Enders VAMO I sent back already had damage to the non-stick coating from the baking grid – without me even using it 🙈.

Enders VAMO | Beschädigung an antihaftbeschichtung durch Aufbackgitter

In the picture you may not be able to easily recognize these “indentations” from the baking grid (arrow(s)). They were at the distance of the cross struts. And that is precisely why the statement “no sharp tools” is ridiculous!

But never mind. I will then test the part and provide the information that the manufacturer is unable to do. I think you can tell I’m a bit angry, can’t you?I think you can tell I’m a bit angry, can’t you? 😤.

Enders advertises the camping oven with the claim that “with the VAMO© no dish is a shot in the oven” – is that really true?

Oh, I’m really looking forward to this test 🙄……


The lid is made of aluminum and powder-coated in matt black. According to the operating instructions (🙄), it is “an aluminum lid with a special coating”. Aha! Special coating. That’s great 😂. What kind of special coating is it? I don’t know, that was probably written in the operating instructions with invisible printer’s ink 🤷‍♀️. If you are interested, you should perhaps contact ENDERS directly. You can find the contact details on the homepage 🤣.

Can you tell that I feel like I’m being taken for a ride? No, do you? 🤗

Well, let’s get on with the lid…..

The lid also has 6 well-placed ventilation holes to ensure adequate ventilation.

What immediately catches the eye on the Enders VAMO is the thermometer on the lid knob. The Enders VAMO is the first camping oven with an integrated thermometer. And I’m really looking forward to the thermometer.

Unfortunately, I’m already annoyed that the knob always turns when I remove the lid 😩.

There will be a separate part on this topic when I carry out the test – which, despite everything, I’m incredibly excited about 😂. No, honestly. I’m really looking forward to the thermometer. My excitement is as great as that of a child on December 24 😂.

Enders Vamo Deckel mit Thermometer | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO | Tutorial

Center part/baking tin

The baking pan/center section of the Enders VAMO camping oven has a non-stick ceramic coating.

The baking dish is very similar to the non-stick baking dish from the Omnia oven. So far, NO camping oven has been quite like this. However, the baking dish of the Enders VAMO has a capacity of 2.3 liters, whereas the baking dish of the Omnia oven has a capacity of 2 liters.

As with the Omnia oven, the chimney is rounded and reinforced on the inside. The outer edge, however, is not reinforced.

The chimney is also slightly wider at the bottom than on the Omnia oven. But really only something.

The resemblance is astonishing 😄:

Middle section Enders VAMO
Reinforced by the fireplace -VAMO
Antihaftbeschichter Form | Omnia Backofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
OMNIA oven middle section
Enders VAMO non-stick coating
OMNIA non-stick coating
Enders VAMO left/OMNIA right.
Enders VAMO und OMNIA Backofen von unten | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Enders VAMO left/OMNIA right.

Bottom part

The base of the Enders VAMO camping oven is made of stainless steel and has a similar shape to the Omnia oven. However, the hole for the chimney is smaller.

There is now a major difference to the Omnia oven:
The middle section is inserted INTO the lower section. This “connects” the middle section directly to the bottom section. This means that no heat can escape and all the heat remains in the lower part.

Unterteil Enders VAMO Campingbackofen | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Enders VAMO base
Enders VAMO Campingbackofen | Unterteil aus Edelstahl
Back bottom part
Das Mittelteil wird in das Unterteil vom ENDERS Vamo Campingbackofen gesteckt.
Middle section inserted into lower section

NO water gets into the bottom part!

Again and again I receive requests to see if there is water coming in. NO!!! I have no idea where this idea comes from. Water does NOT go into the base of a camping oven. NEVER!!!

A small special feature

I have noticed a small “peculiarity” with the ENDERS Vamo:

So far, all camping ovens have been placed on top of each other. As a lid on the middle section and the whole thing on the bottom section. With the Enders VAMO, everything is plugged together.

The middle section does not have a reinforced edge. This is because you have to insert the lid INTO the middle section. The lid is not simply “placed” on top. And it’s the same with the middle section: this is also inserted INTO the bottom section. The Enders VAMO is therefore a kind of “plug-in system” 😄. And this also gives the camping oven its “slim, smooth” shape, because everything is inserted into each other.

Das Mittelteil wird in das Unterteil vom ENDERS Vamo Campingbackofen gesteckt.
„Stecksystem" Enders Campingbackofen VAMO
Enders VAMO Campingbackofen | Tutorial 4 REIFEN 1 KLO


For the Enders VAMO camping oven, only the baking grid is currently available as an accessory. This is already included in the scope of delivery.

The baking rack is very similar to the baking rack from the Omnia oven. It has 4 rings and 4 cross struts. It also has the same sharp-edged finish on the cross struts as the Omnia baking grid. However, the baking grid of the Enders VAMO has a diameter of 23 cm and that of the OMNIA 22 cm.

In both camping ovens, the grid is held in place by the notch on the outer edge.

When using the baking rack in the non-stick pan, I can only strongly advise you to place the baking rack the other way round. Then these sharp-edged cross struts are not so “dangerous”. In the middle picture you can see that I inserted the baking rack the wrong way round. This is irrelevant for the function.

In my Facebook group, the lovely Sabine once gave the tip to protect these sharp-edged corners with aluminum foil. It also calves quite well. However, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to use this material. I don’t want to start an “aluminum discussion” 😄.

Aufbackgitter Enders VAMO Campingbackofen
Baking rack VAMO 23cm Ø
Aufbackgitter | Enders Campingbackofen
Inlaid baking grid in the VAMO
Aufbackgitter Omnia-Backofen
OMNIA baking rack 22cm Ø

I will then start the test

To be honest, I start this test with mixed feelings and I try not to lose my objectivity. The Enders VAMO gets a real chance with me. I’m putting all the switches back now, because I don’t care what the manufacturer writes in its operating instructions or on its website. Here I draw on my experience with the other camping ovens. After all, Enders has not reinvented the wheel with the VAMO camping oven 😄. The function is absolutely the same. So let’s get to testing….

I have already tested a wide variety of camping ovens

  • OMNIA oven
  • Rocktrail camping oven
  • Petromax camping oven “Campo”
  • Petromax camping oven “Dimego”

The test was also always the same, so that you have the opportunity to compare the different camping ovens and find the most suitable camping oven for you.

I will also test the preparation of the Enders VAMO with the camping oven as follows:

  1. Oven vegetables
  2. Tuscan fillet pot
  3. Cake
  4. Baking bread rolls
  5. Croquettes

The thermometer

Before I start with the test, I would like to talk about the thermometer, which will certainly play a very important role in this article. After all, this is the highlight and an outstanding feature of the Enders camping oven.

One thing first:
The thermometer on the camping oven divides the camping oven community just as much as the question of whether or not to put butter under Nutella 😂. No other accessory is the subject of so much discussion as the thermometer.

And unfortunately, I played my part: in 2015, I had this crazy idea of installing a grill thermometer in the lid of the Omnia oven 😂.

If you want to know more about the function of the OMNIA thermometer, what you need to pay particular attention to and why it is still useful, I recommend my video on YouTube.

There is a retailer on Amazon that sells a grill thermometer for the Omnia oven (NOT an original Omnia thermometer!) and recommends replacing the lid knob for installation. Dazu wird der Deckelknauf vom Omnia abgeschraubt und stattdessen das Thermometer eingesetzt. This is complete nonsense in this case, because the sensor is 8 cm long and therefore measures the temperature directly IN THE CHIMNEY. This retailer only protects himself by not having to drill another hole or enlarge a hole.

And because I think installing the thermometer on the lid, where the lid knob is and where the most heat rises, is actually complete nonsense, I was initially VERY skeptical about the thermometer on the Enders VAMO.

Installation on the lid

In my opinion, the most unfavorable installation of the thermometer is on the lid knob. However, Enders has probably put a little thought into this, as the probe on the thermometer is just 2.6 cm long. Mhhhh, that could be something 🤔. At that moment I really thought that a shortened temperature sensor on the lid might be a good option.

The thermometer is only a guideline anyway and should NEVER be equated with the number of degrees on the electric oven. I also go into this in detail in my video on YouTube.

I’m curious to see how the thermometer performs in practice. But we’ll find that out in a moment.

The thermometer on the Enders VAMO is located in the lid knob and must be unscrewed to clean the lid. A small locking screw is fitted for this purpose, which makes it very easy to remove the Enders thermometer.

Thermometer | Enders Campingbackofen VAMO
Anzeige Temperatur | Campingbackofen Enders VAMO | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Fühler vom Thermometer | Campingbackofen Enders | 4R1K
Temperaturanzeige/Thermometer Enders VAMO | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Thermometer Deckel | Enders Campingbackofen

So that I can also understand how the Enders thermometer works, I used the OMNIA thermometer and a digital thermometer in parallel for comparison.

1st test: Oven vegetables

Oven vegetables baked with feta/sheep’s cheese is one of my favorite recipes. As I have made this recipe very often in the Omnia oven, I also know what the consistency should be and how it tastes.

And I must say:
The Enders VAMO has done a TOP job 👍🏻. The oven vegetables turned out excellent. It had the same cooking time as in the Omnia oven.

I actually found it even a little better than in the Omnia oven, because slight roasted aromas formed on the chimney and outer edge 😄.

Ofengemüse aus dem Enders VAMO Campingbackofen
Ofengemüse | Enders VAMO | Campingbackofen Rezepte

So not burnt or anything. No, quite the opposite. The potatoes have browned very lightly. It was really DELICIOUS 😄.

And the thermometer?

The thermometer did what I expected it to do: It is absolutely strapped up. It was at 150° in no time 😱. How could it be otherwise when a thermometer is installed right above the flame? The Omnia thermometer, which was attached to the lid, did not immediately show these high temperatures. It went up very slowly and leveled off at 100°, just as it should.

But then something completely unexpected happened 😄! The temperature from the Enders thermometer dropped!!!! It then leveled off at 100° 😱. Incredible 😄!

I then measured the temperature with a digital rod thermometer. It’s all true!

At the start of the cooking time
After about 20 minutes
Checking with the Omnia thermometer
Checking with the digital thermometer

The only way I can explain this is that the thermometer on the Enders VAMO initially only measured the heat from the flame until all the ingredients were hot. Sure, the ingredients didn’t have the same temperature as the heat that rose through the chimney. But at some point they adjusted the ingredients in the Enders VAMO and the thermometer leveled off at the “total temperature”. This can only be due to the shortened temperature sensor in the lid of the Enders VAMO.

So I can say one thing for sure: I WAS LANGUAGELESS 😂.

2nd test: Tuscan fillet pot

After overcoming my speechlessness, I was able to try the 2nd test with the Tuscan fillet pot 😁.

I was also very impressed with the result of the Tuscan fillet pot in the Enders VAMO! Here too, slight roasted aromas formed and the fillet pot became even creamier and the tomatoes did not fall apart as they did in the Omnia oven. Frank said afterwards that the pork fillet was incredibly tender. I could only agree with that.

Something was different…..

The thermometer immediately went up again and initially settled at 150°. After a few minutes, the temperature dropped to 125° and stayed there for the entire cooking time.

Toskanischer Filettopf | Enders Campingbackofen VAMO
Enders VAMO | Toskanischer Filettopf | Campingbackofen Rezepte

The camping baking dish was wonderfully easy to wash afterwards. All that was needed was a sponge without a scouring pad and some washing-up liquid. Zack…everything sparkling 🤩.

3rd test: Cake

As things are going so well at the moment, I bake a cake in the Enders VAMO camping oven.

As there is no silicone mold for the Enders camping oven, the cake has to be baked without a silicone mold. Personally, I prefer to bake cakes in the silicone mold – even if the baking pan has a non-stick coating. I find that both the baking dish with non-stick coating and without non-stick coating are far too hot for cakes. The silicone mold “swallows” some of this heat and the cake definitely turns out better.

Ok, but now I have to bake the cake in the Enders camoing oven VAMO without a silicone mold 🤷‍♀️. Let’s see how that works…

First of all, a basic tip for baking cakes (applies to ALL camping ovens):
ALWAYS bake cakes on a low flame! From the very beginning! You should also always look at the flame and not go by the setting of the regulator. The flame varies with the filling quantity of the gas cartridge/gas cylinder!

Kuchen | Enders VAMO Campingbackofen
Perfekter Rührkuchen aus dem Enders Campingbackofen

The batter was therefore filled directly into the Enders baking tin. After a baking time of 45 minutes on a very low heat, the result was a perfectly baked cake! A brownish edge has also formed around the edges, which may indicate that the cake may have turned out darker on the base than it should. So, first turn the cake out of the tin and see what it looks like on the other side…..


Wow, I was incredibly surprised again! I’ve never had a cake turn out so perfectly when I’ve baked it in the camping oven without a silicone mold.

The cake often becomes much darker in the Omnia oven. That’s why I always recommend using a silicone mold when baking a cake in the Omnia oven. But the cake from the Enders VAMO – Holly Molly! It really is close to perfection 😃.

I then covered the cake with a chocolate glaze. I used a mixture of milk and dark chocolate coating.

Backen mit dem Campingbackofen von Enders | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Erfahrungsbericht Enders Campingbackofen VAMO | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

The cake also came out of the VAMO camping oven tin very well and easily. The mold was not greased, which is not necessary with a non-stick mold.

Which still spoke to the fact that this cake borders on perfection:
The cake was finished in no time at all 😃. The taste was amazing and so fluffy that you’d think you were biting into cotton candy 😅.

So another test is definitely on my to-do list:
Welcher Camping-Backofen eignet sich am besten zum Backen von Kuchen ohne Silikonform? 😁

And the Enders VAMO also really shines when baking cakes! 👍

4th test: Baking bread rolls

What could possibly go wrong now? 😁 Baking bread rolls must be “a piece of cake” now.

To bake bread rolls in the camping oven, I also always recommend using the silicone mold and the baking rack, as the rolls always stick to the chimney and outer wall and these areas then turn black.

There is no silicone mold for the Enders camping oven, only a baking rack. So the baked rolls are baked with what you have: with a baking rack 😄.

I therefore placed the baked rolls on the side, on the baking rack, in the baking tin. And if you place them very cleverly in the Carrè mold, they won’t stick to any metal walls and won’t turn black.

Aufbackbrötchen | Campingbackofen Enders VAMO
Brötchen aufbacken im Enders VAM | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO
Enders VAMO Campingbackofen | Aufbackbrötchen 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

Shock - the temperature!

When I was baking the rolls, I felt a bit different! The temperature on the Enders thermometer suddenly went up like a rocket and showed 250° degrees!

This shock was scary. But fortunately I have very good experience with the OMNIA thermometer, which is a great advantage here.

When baking bread rolls, there is simply more “air” in the camping oven, which heats up very quickly. And that’s why the temperature is rising so rapidly.

After a short time, the thermometer has set itself to 150° C, which is ideal for a thermometer on a camping oven for baking bread rolls.

The baked rolls were baked for 15 minutes on a low heat and turned over once.

I started a “self-experiment” beforehand because I wanted to test whether the buns could also be baked over a medium heat but in less time (10 minutes). That was a drastic failure 😅. The rolls were far too dark and too hard. So the better variant is therefore:

  • small flame for approx. 15 minutes and turn once

I also strongly recommend turning the buns in the Enders VAMO, otherwise they will only brown on the top (side) surface.

A note about the rolls:
I have found that the baked rolls brown differently in the camping oven. This is due to the bread rolls and not the special camping oven or the time. Therefore, NEVER assume the color of the rolls when you bake them, but always do a feel test and see how crispy the rolls are before you bake them 😬.

10 minutes, medium flame 👎🏻
15 minutes, small flame 👍🏻

5th test: Baking croquettes

Nach 25 Minuten auf mittlerer Flamme waren diese Kroketten im Enders VAMO fertig.

I recommend always baking croquettes on the baking rack. Otherwise the croquettes got quite dark at the bottom because they were on the strong bottom heat.

The baking time and the degree of browning vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. I have had good experiences with REWE’s own brand and McCain.

Kroketten im Campingbackofen Enders VAMO | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO Erfahrungsbericht
Kroketten us dem Campingbackofen | Enders VAMO
Knackige Kroketten | Enders VAMO | 4 REIFEN 1 KLO

Even when baking the croquettes, the Enders thermometer on the VAMO reached 250° degrees in no time at all. But then also leveled off at 150°, like the baked rolls.


This time I will divide my conclusion into two parts: One on the thermometer and the other on the Enders VAMO camping oven.

Conclusion Thermometer

I was most excited about the thermometer on the Enders VAMO. My experience with a thermometer “in the lid” on the Omnia oven made me all the more skeptical that it was the right place to use a temperature sensor.

My skepticism changed a little when I saw the short, only 2.6 cm long, temperature sensor. “That might work”, was my thought. However, when the temperature dropped like Schumacher in Formula 1 during the first test (oven vegetables), my hopes were dashed 😩. And then the temperature display sank and was always the same in all tests, as with the Omnia thermometer or the digital thermometer. Old Swede! My blood pressure really got a workout during the test for the Enders VAMO camping oven 😅.

Thermometer am Enders VAMO Campingbackofen | 4R1K Erfahrungsbericht

And to summarize, I can say:
ENDERS has done a good job here! If you also take into account that the temperature on the thermometer should be between 100° and 150° degrees, then it works great! Of course, you won’t get this information from the manufacturer 😂. And so that you know exactly how to use the temperature display, I really recommend my video for the “Thermometer on the Omnia oven” on YouTube.

Please note, however, that this thermometer is ONLY a guideline! In my recipes I will therefore NOT give any information about the temperatures, because the temperature also depends on the stove and the contents.

Conclusion on the Enders VAMO camping oven

Oh man. Enders, with his VAMO camping oven, has already taken me physically and mentally 😂. Here I would have to think about compensation for pain and suffering 😂.

Do you remember the beginning of the article? I was really pissed off! Ok, some of the nonsense in the operating instructions is still ridiculous and the website and the information on the packaging are more than poor. However, in the end I can really recommend the product itself, the Enders VAMO camping oven!

I was incredibly enthusiastic about the results.

I can only imagine that it is due to the “plug-in system”. The plug-in system means that very little heat can escape from the lid and base. The lower part is manufactured in such a way that little heat can escape from the hole for the rising heat. This gives you a completely different heat distribution on the camping oven.

The non-stick coating has not flaked off. Everything came off well and cleaning was a dream 🤩.

All in all:
Beginners may find it somewhat difficult to use the Enders VAMO camping oven due to the information provided by the manufacturer. From my experience with the OMNIA oven and the Omnia thermometer, I am convinced that beginners in particular could make some mistakes here. I can only hope that they will read this article and/or find my video on YouTube about the Enders VAMO 🙏🏻.

Otherwise, Enders has done a good job with this further development with thermometer and “plug-in system”!

Yes, and I was pleasantly surprised too 🤗😂

All the love


And here is the video to go with it:

The redirection is to YouTube. You may need to change the privacy policy to see the video. You know…GDPR!

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